Better the devil you dont know

      so what happens next? when the syrian refugee kids dont heal correctly? when north korean defectors escape to the borders of jilin and liaoning, defectors who are too difficult to teach? practically every society hates them:
      the outer fringes of the terminally underprivileged. the runaways, the convicts, felons and terrorists. the mentally/physically ill and incapable. where would we forcefully but carefully place them?
      if tetris had pieces that didn’t fit, and optionized an alternative.. which allowed one to mold falling and irrefutably failing peices into a suitable geometry.. at the cost of re-compartmentalizing the rest of which that did fit, would one do it?
      i have this cat named pixie. but i tried changing her in order for pixie to respond of pixel. yet, she wont respond. and it seemed like every attempt at healthily modifying her was an exercise in futility. she was the temple of sacrifice. where my brother too, had offered up the choicest cuts of salmon in tribute, and expensive, pretentious wet food as opposed to the cheap dry food that she wont stop eating. yet with each seemingly hopeful behavioral alteration, she refuses.
      eddie once told me, “better the devil you know.” a phrase shortened from better the devil you know than the devil you dont, which essentially translates to “its often better to deal with someone/something you are familiar with even if they are not ideal, than to take a risk with the unknown”.
      so i guess thats the lemma im interested in these following years. because at the end of the day, there are some things i dont know, and there are some things that i dont know that i dont know. and if an engineer is a person who must solve the big problem: to determine the existing link between physical theories used to describe reality, nature and the physical world and to see whether or not these theories apply locally or totally for medical/technological application..
      then the second, less talked about problem should be to determine the link we have in order to establish between what we call science and ordinary language. how can we convey what we know to those who dont know in order to truly advance as a type 3 civilization… since galeleo, the language was mathematics. so physicists write equations, mathematics is a sort of greek, its forgien to many of us. so if we want to translate for these so called defectors.. the refugees, the outer fringes of the terminally impoverished. then the knowledge we have acquired thanks to education and progress we must use in order to dig deeper into the unknowns.. to embed in it a kind of foreign language of inclusion and system that will provide us with the means to express and address the less talked about problems in society today.