The story

Learning is an ever-growing, ever-evolving state of being.

Art is a part of learning; we constantly connect, reconnect and re-conceive ideas in multitudes of creative outlets.

Fashion can be a statement of who we are and with that, who we want to be and who we have been.

This is tester’s clothing.

We allow your hobby, your interests, your lifestyle to join with your day to day casual wear so you can fully express the inner being with the external world.

In effect, by wearing one of these shirts, you’re not covering yourself up, but unveiling the true you. Feel free to wear the shirts before or after exams but not during.

While idly waiting for the bus, walking home, or just standing there due to shitty wifi connection (ihy sprint), one would wear these shirts before an exam/test setting in order to look sexy, and casually study the shirts’ respective scholastic material. By virtue of habitually absorbing these concepts, one would then familiarize themselves with that material almost effortlesslly and automatically since repetition is at the heart of learning; after all, we are what we repeatedly do; excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.

(engineering)^power of love=positive infinity